January 10, 2011

in progress

Sneak peak, since I've been neglecting you all (all 9 of you that is :P) for too long. Tell me what you think!

So we nixed our breakfast nook and built an Island to replace it and add much needed storage! Still not 100% on the color and of course it's an unorganized mess but looking pretty good! 

So remember that awful alcove in my dinning room that I previously had a curtain covering? Well curtain no more!!!! The floating shelves (there is 2, still trying to find the MIA mounting hardware!) will hold all our stemware. Painted white the top shelf of the bar will have a glass top with corks underneath! (Mr. H's idea!)

Gallery walls in the dinning room! Still need a few more frames, the rest painted and of course photos!

The other portion of the foyer area! Still need to get some artwork, rug and update the light fixture.

Sunburst mirrors for the master bedroom. Another coat of paint and these bad boys will be ready to go! 

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