January 25, 2011

the list 3

Hope you all don't mind seeing my list! It's a great way to keep myself on track and by posting it to the blog I'm able to view it from anywhere!

Master Bedroom:
  • Nailhead trim for bed
  • Headboard remounted
  • New nightstands
  • New mirrors for over nightstand
  • Touch up ceiling paint
  • Chair for nook**
  • Art and accessories!
  • New bedspread
  • New curtain panels for 2 window.
  • Paint charging station
  • Lamps**
  • Upgrade mirror frame
Master Bath:
  • Paint walls
  • Re-caulk shower and tub
  • Remove ugly towel bars, replace with prettier more functioning version.
  • New hardware
  • New towels
  • Bathmats
  • New storage and accessories
  • Paint TV stand
  • Art for TV wall - in progress
  • Lighting - raise ceiling fan, figure out how to make it less ugly ;)
  • Get sofa cleaned and sell on CL 
  • Touch up paint
  • Paint art for behind sofa
  • Build coffee table
  • Build sofa table
  • Lamps for sofa table
    Dining Room:
    • DIY light fixture
    • Faux wainscoting**
    • Table runner
    • Photo frames and photos (Mr. Hs job!) 
    • Purchase 1 additional frame
    • DONE! 
    • Ok, I lied not done, 
    • Repaint the ceiling of overhang and touch up paint.
    • Build recycling center
    • Paint light covers
    Dressing Room:
    • Paint closet
    • Lay rug
    • New chair**
    • Ottoman or lounge**
    • Upgrade mirror frame
    • Build frame for round mirror
    • Light shade fixed and mounted 
    • Art
    • Skirt for desk
    • Pillows for sofa
    • Print photos
    • Spray paint frames
    • Purchase additional frames
    Guest Room:
    • Build daybed
    • ORGANIZE the hot mess of a room
    • Purchase curtain rod, hang curtains
    • Duvet cover for bed
    • LOTS of pillows for bed
    • DIY art ledges for artwork
    Guest Bath (J&J)
    • Paint room
    • New shower curtain (Curtains from closet?)
    • Rug
    • Towels
    Guest Bath (Main)
    • Paint
    • New towels
    • New artwork
    • New shower curtain (white curtains from closet?)
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