February 04, 2011

i want it now!

Browsing over at Happily Ever After Married  I came across Lauren's custom wedding dress sketch from Esty seller Megan Hamilton.

 How did I not know about these? Seriously LOVE.

I'm pretty sure I need one, it's exactly whats been missing in my life. In fact I think every married woman needs one!

Ok, on to the pretty pictures!

Here is Lauren's 

And a few more examples from Esty seller Megan Hamilton 

and look ones with your husband's tux too! 

and we can't forget about your bridesmaids!


I really love the ones with small hints of color on the shoes and bouquet. I'm think this will look perfect hung in my dressing room or maybe mixed into the gallery wall in the living room.  Thoughts?

P.S. Mr. H if you're reading this order me one of these now!

p.p.s. Wanna see what my wedding dress looked like?


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