February 18, 2011

to stripe or not to stripe

So if you didn't notice there are some cha-cha-changes going on in the dressing room!

When I first set up the room I was afraid of doing any bold colors or really anything bold, for fear the clothes (I have a pretty colorful wardrobe!) would make the room look jumbled, messy, or just to hectic.

Well now that I've lived in the room for a few months, and recently made a few small changes (don't worry updated photos are coming soon!) I've realized it's seriously lacking color, style, and spunk! It's a dressing room for goodness sake it should be overly girlie, fun and totally me... right now it's plain jane.

I.am.not.plain. (Well at least I try not to be ;)

Ok enough talking on to some photos.

Yesterday I shared an inspiration photo that I was loving...

yeah, love. 

Anyhow I'm considering doing something similar in the "vanity" area (the closet in the room). I begged Mr. H to throw together some Photoshop mock ups to see if it's even close to thinkable..

So thoughts? Navy, deep teal, black? Uneven, even, vertical?

p.s. please excuse the mess I made Mr. H take the photo at 12 am and I didn't bother cleaning up.
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