April 12, 2011

dine with me, won't you?

My dining room has been a sore spot for me since the day we moved in. 

Please observe exhibit A (aka the day we moved in)

Ewwww. Just saying.

I love having a dining room but the shape and location makes the room a tiny but difficult to decorate. Mostly because the walls are 15 feet high and like 20 feet long! 

Proof the shape and layout is weird...

I've already made a few changes, like bailing on the curtain and setting up a bar area in the alcove, still the room was seriously unfinished. I just didn't have a clue what direction I wanted to go for the room.
but then I saw this...

BAM! Inspiration has struck. The coral and blue are seriously amazing and why the heck didn't I think about putting a rug down before?!

So corals, golds, blues. The dining room now has a purpose and direction! I can't wait to get started on the transformation and share all the details with you. I've got lofty aspirations and a tiny budget but I think I can handle it!

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