September 28, 2010

build a bed? i think so!

If you haven't heard about Ana White, you're missing out. She is an amazing woman with an awesome talent for building, inspiring and designing.

Check her website out you won't regret it!

Thanks to her I built my very own bed! A knock off DIY version of the vivaterra gustavian vintage bed.

This was my first woodworking project and aside from cutting the top shape with the jigsaw I did it all myself! Mr. H did the saw work, since apparently I'm not to be trusted with a saw ;P

Here is a link to the original plans for the queen size bed.

Here are the adjustments I made. Make sure to measure your bed, apparently there are
multiple sizes for a King size bed.

Cut List

12- 1x3 @ 77" Slats
(1- 2x4, cut to size later for support of the slats)

-Bed Frame-
2- 1x12 @ 81 1/2" Side rails
1- 1x12 @ 77" Foot rails
1- 1x8 @ 77" Head rail
6- 1x4 @ 19 1/2"
4- 1x4 @ 8" Inner leg support
2- 1x2 @80" Cleats

13- 1x4@ 57 1/2" Panels
10- 1x4 @ 47 3/4" Legs/Panels
1- 2x4 @ 80"

Shopping List

12- 1x3 @ 8ft
3- 1x12 @ 8ft
1- 1x8 @ 8ft
2- 1x2 @ 8ft
18- 1x4 @ 8ft
2- 2x4
1 1/4" screws (I needed about 150, I drilled a lot of Kreg pocket holes!)
2" screws
(I used Kreg screws and really liked the result, they are found in the tool section not the hardware section, near the Kreg Jig)

Some notes about the changes I made...

I used 1x12s for the side rails because I have a box spring and wanted it to be completely covered by the side rails. If you don't have a box spring or you have a low profile etc, use the recommended 1x10s and cut the 1x4s (legs) at 17 1/2" not 19 1/2".

For the legs, I wanted legs on either side not just from the front, so I attached them to both the foot rail and side rail (top and bottom).

When joining the boards with the Kreg Jig I placed joints going both directions to ensure a better hold.

When you lay out the boards for placement, mark where you want to drill the pocket holes, making sure you don't have 2 screws going into each other. I did this by drawing arrows the direction I wanted the pocket hole and then a circle to mark the a screw was coming into the board. (Check out the picture below for a visual)

Also attached a 2x4 at the bottom of the backside for additional support, as the headboard was fairly wobbly without it.

The bed is not complete (still need to stain and set it up in the new house) so no full photos yet.

I hope this was helpful, please feel free to ask any questions and i'll answer the best I can!

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