October 11, 2010

no d&r weekend, by order of mr. h

So Mr. H came home Friday from a long trip, before he came home he proclaimed NO decorating or renovating for the weekend, he only wanted to relax.

Fast forward to Saturday morning after breakfast...

Mr H: We should try to switch the living room around like you suggested.

Mrs. H: Sure if you want to...

Living room switched, discussion on whether to paint the entertainment center white or not gets heated and Mr. H watches a movie.

Movie ends.

Mr. H: Lets go to Ikea and check out that rug and get some ideas.


Ikea trip with lots of "no way" looks at my suggestions ;P

Saturday ends with a lovely dinner at the yummy Koto's in Tampa followed by the best cupcakes EVER from Frostings Etc.

Sunday AM rolls around.

Mr. H: How long would it take to repaint my office?

Mrs. H: All day, we'd have to prime and do 2 coats since it's a dark color.

Mr. H: Ugh, thats too long.

Mr. H: Lets do it.

A trip to Orange is taken and the rest of the day is spent painting and moving furniture.

So much for no D&R this weekend Mr. H :P

Oh and thats not half of it. See Mr. H not only wanted to paint his office but he wanted to switch rooms so... His office got moved into my dressing room, i'm moving the music/art room to his old office and then my dressing room into the old music/art room. WOAH thats a lot of moving.

Did I mention all the rooms have to be repainted...

OK I'm off to put a second coat on the walls.

And because I feel no post should be without a photo.

Here are some curtain ideas for Corey's studio.

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