October 20, 2010

progress! dressing room

UPDATE: Wanna see the completed dressing room? Click HERE

Whoa, I've been working my hypothetical nuts off lately trying to get the dressing room done and it's coming along but I still have lots to do.

Here is what we have so far (pardon the poor photos, I swear I'll start using a big girl camera soon!)

Using the Ikea Stolmen closet system to create storage.

I recently purchased a waterfall style vanity and I'm in process to make it pretty like this one.
It will go in front of the curtains.

Left on my to do list...

Build/recover an ottoman, I'm thinking something gray and tufted but on casters to I can move it easily!

Recover the seat of this chair and eventually replace it with a pretty ghost chair.

Hang the mirror, or re frame it or buy a new one. Do something!

Purchase a lamp for the vanity, cause a girl needs proper lighting for proper makeup application!

Purchase a bunch of white storage boxes for scarves and belts and anything else I need a place for!
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