November 05, 2010

giant, neverending, won't stop growing to do list

For the Dressing Room:
  • Build ottomans
  • Buy new chair
  • Possibly add a rug
  • Finish painting inside of vanity draws
  • Jewelry organization
  • More storage boxes
  • Move shelves around

For the Bedroom:
  • Finish bed (which includes re-sanding the headboard, cutting the legs and staining the whole piece one last time)
  • Paint the walls!
  • Find hardware for the nightstands
  • Curtains (We currently have none!)
  • Purchase a long dresser to be refinished and replace the media console
  • Move the tall dresser out
  • Possibly new lamps, the current ones are too large
  • Artwork!
For the Dinning Room
  • PAINT!
  • Take down the ugly white curtain
  • Replace homemade shelf with something awesome and amazing (Maybe I build this guy)
  • Build picture ledges via Ana-White
  • Spray paint misc picture frames for the ledges
  • Art or a mirror for the wall opposite picture ledges
  • New table runner
  • Possible changes: New light fixture, new curtains
For the Living Room
  • Pillows, pillows, pillows! Replace pillow covers with those of gray and white tones
  • NEW CURTAINS, seriously need to replace those
  • Pre-plan for placement of piano coming in February (yes you read that right!!!)
  • New rug
  • Paint the TV stand white, with inside shelves navy blue
  • Restyle TV stand and bookshelf
  • Possible changes (or rather as soon as I convince Mr. H) new occasion tables, maybe a ottoman for the coffee table since we only use if for our feet anyhow.
  • Paint picture frames for around TV
  • Artwork for behind the sofa
  • Possible change: Replace loveseat with two large chairs and move loveseat to Studio
  • Finish hanging curtains
  • Artwork (Mr. H wants black and white photo collage I agree!)
  • Seating area
  • Skirt for the desk
Kitchen: (Less decorating more organizing!)
  • Reorganize everything, it's a hot mess in there
  • Possible change to the hanging glass rack
  • Pot rack of some kind, maybe? Hmmm
My guest bath:
  • Shower curtain switcharoo
  • New towels
  • Accessories
Front Guest Bath:
  • Accessory switcharoo
  • Artwork changes
Foyer (this will definitely grow)
  • Rug
  • Artwork changes
  • Organization changes
See told you it was a big list! Now lets see how much I can get done without Mr. H around! I'm thinking I'll try to complete the dressing room and get most of the bedroom done! I can do it!
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