February 08, 2011

diy sunburst mirror - finding the perfect mirror!

A reader Sarah emailed me today asking where I found the mirror I used for my sunburst mirror. I thought this might be worth sharing with everyone! 

I actually purchased the mirrors I used at Target on super clearance, unfortunately they no longer have them. I did some digging and came across these options. 

This one could work if you're looking to make a large one and at only $18 too!

This set from Home Depot would be perfect and you'd have plenty to share! $15 too! 

I used this tutorial from Isabella & Max Rooms. Except I used varying size and height dowels rather than the bamboo. 

p.s. sand the finish off the mirror frame!!!!! Unless of course you'd rather have a pile of sticks and a round mirror instead of a pretty sunburst mirror. learn from my mistake people!  :)
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