February 28, 2011

mis-mash with crappy iphone photos of this weekend

Happy Monday everyone! 

Have I told y'all how much I despise the last day of the month? It's a busy work day, busy life day, and combined with a Monday it's nearly unbearable! 

Thankfully I had 200+ amazing blog posts to catch up reading this morning, which is a nice escape from all the unfun things about today. 

 So, I did it! I joined twitter, I can't believe I never did it before! 
If you care to follow me here is the link! I've decided it's a great place for me to post all my horrid Iphone pictures I take during my projects. 
If you have a twitter handle I'd love to follow you, post in the comments! 

Ok on to the good stuff, here are some (really crappy Iphone) photos I snapped this weekend! 

I spent a few hours Friday night finishing up a few things in the dressing room. 
I finally finished the mirror I'd been rub-n-buffing gold.

and the diy crate I built (totally inspired by Hammers and High Heels Project!)

Here's a peek at the new color in the office re-do... So much better than lime green! 

If it wasn't for these I wouldn't have made it through the weekend! 

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