March 02, 2011

a little living room love

It's beautiful outside today and while I'd love to be out enjoying the weather I'm not feeling so hot today so I opted for the next best thing... Photo taking! 

So, take a peek into my (not yet finished) living room.

If you're wondering why this color loving girl has a room so colorless, I have a few explanations... 

First is that the painting on the wall isn't even started yet, they've just been primed. I'm not sure the exact direction I plan to go with them yet but the white primer has started to grow on me. I'm sure inspiration will strike and I'll start painting right away but for now primed is fine. 
Oh and the second part of the colorlessness of the room, the opposite wall is going to be covered in a eclectic mix of artwork in a form of a gallery wall.  I'm most excited about it, although finding artwork hasn't been super easy.  

The lamps are my favorite part of the room so far! I lucked out and scored them from JCPenney on clearance for $40 a piece! 

Oh and should I remind you all what it looked like before? Ya know when I still didn't want to bother painting over the builder yellow since it's a rental...

 Yeah, um slight improvement don't you think?

and because I can't leave on the ugly before... the (current) "after"

p.s. yeah I totally convinced Mr. H to let me take down that horrible fan! :) 

p.p.s Check out Heidi at A Thousand Laughing Starfish She's challenged herself to do only original posts for the whole month of March! Talk about awesomeness, I can't wait to see more of her house tour and all the diy projects she's planning to share!
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