April 06, 2011

budget breakdown - dressing room

A few people asked for it, I'm happy to oblique...

Total cost $859!

Closet System - Ikea Stolmen

7 Posts @ $30
5 Clothing Polls @ $10
8 fixtures @ $10
6 Shelves @ $20
1 Chest @ $100

Total: $530

Notes about the closet system:

These amounts reflect the current pricing for the items, when I purchased most of my pieces Ikea were fazing out the silver style, revamping the white color, and changing the floor set. Basically the only items I paid full price for were the posts, and polls. My actual cost was closer to $320.

Vanity Area

Fluffy lights: $1 Shades, $5 coffee filters, $8 Wiring

Desk Top: Ikea  $25 (purchased as is)

Drawers: Ikea $70

Vanity leg: Ikea $2 (as-is)

Mirror: Previous purchase, Rub-n-buff $8

Crab Tray: HomeGoods $14

Striped Trays: Ikea $8

Pink Vases: Ikea $12

Chair: Thirfted $20

Ikat Tray: Target $13

Paint for Stripes: Chalkboard paint $0 (already had)

Vanity Total: $116

Dresser: Ikea Malm 6 drawer Chest $150

Mirror: HomeGoods $80

Scarf Hanger: $13

diy Jewelry hanger: Cork board $10, push pins & fabric $0 (already had)

Window seat: Wood & fabric $0 (already had) Foam $10

Mirrored Tray: Target $30

DIY Crate: $15 (details coming soon!)

Yellow Wire Crates: HomeGoods $30

Curtain rod: Ikea $15

Curtains: Ikea $30

Paint: Behr Frolic $40

Total for Misc: $423

TOTAL: $859

phew, not too shabby!

Definitely a decent price considering all the items in the room!

Now I still need to add a new chair, rug, and a pretty ottoman but I'm sure y'all know me well enough now to know that I'll be diying as much as I can!

Now a question for you! Would you prefer I do all source lists like this from now on, or do you prefer the other in addition to a budget breakdown?
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