June 06, 2011

a good excuse

I once read some "how-to" blog article that said you should never apologize for not blogging... 

Well folks thats bull-snitz, cause my (nearly) month long blogging hiatus is no bueno, and for that I'm sorry. 

I missed y'all! 

So, if you're wondering where I've been here is the 411. 

I lost my job. 

Now, before you get all "Oh, my goodness I'm so sorry" etc, etc.  Know this, It's for the best! Seriously, I was upset for all of about 24 hours before I realized what a fantastic opportunity this was. 

Jobless Jenny... What does that mean? Why is this a good thing?

Well it means a lot of things, the main one is that we're MOVING!!!!!!

How soon depends greatly on how sweet and wonderful my current landlord feels like being (aka, if he lets us out of our lease early without totally killing us money wise). 

I've been apartment searching my butt off and I've found some really great contenders so here is to hoping one of them works out. More details on the new place to come I promise. 

Oh and stay tuned for other awesome reasons why Jobless Jenny = a goooood thing. 

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