August 31, 2011



Long time no blog. You'll have to excuse my lack of posting the truth is I haven't had anything to blog about! 

But... Good news, I'm 80% sure we found our new apartment! YAY! 

It's not anything too fancy or exciting, actually it's pretty much your basic apartment but there are some really great things about it! 

Some details about the place...

We'll be on the second floor which means an internal staircase - I'm thinking a gallery wall. 

While I lose my dressing room, I'm still kinda going to have it... The den is where I'll set up my full length mirror, vanity, shoe racks and anything else that won't fit in the closet.

Mr. H gets the room on the right for his office, he needs a space he can shut the door BUT, that big closet in there, thats all mine! I'm planning to set up my Stolmen system in place of the crappy wire racks currently hanging. Maybe a rug and some other items to make it feel more glamorous!

The walls that surround the staircase are half walls so it makes for a super open space! 

I can't wait to start brainstorming ideas for the new place! :)

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