September 13, 2011

oops shopping

Moving is such a pain! One of the worst parts of moving is the inevitable breaking of something. No matter how well I pack I always end up breaking at least one thing. 

This move was no different, well it was a sadder break... I drop my entire box of dishes, 90% of them broke. Plates, bowls, cups, service for 12 gone in a blink of an eye. :(((

Only good thing about this, I get to buy new stuff. 


calla - CB2

terrain - CB2

modern - CB2

Organic Shaped dinnerware - West Elm

Skyn - Ikea

So what do you think? I'm looking for a white dish that's a little different, a modern or organic shape. 
Have you seen any other plates that fit this description, please share if so! 

p.s. we're 80% moved in so I'll be taking photos of the apartment today and sharing them on the blog this week!
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