October 14, 2011

yellow, like the sunshine

I'm only slightly obsessed with the color yellow lately, and I've been thinking about adding it into the living room... 

Here are some of the 84759384753495 inspiration photos I've been drooling over. 

 I may or may not have already embarked on a quick project to bring some yellow into the living room, but thats a whole different post. 

p.s. I know I've been a sucky blogger lately, but this whole school thing is a lot more work than I expected. Now that Mr. H is home I'm going to bribe him to take some photos of the new apartment and I promise to share soon! Plus I've got a few diy projects in the making that I can't wait to share! 

p.p.s. I love each and every one of you and want to say, THANK YOU for sticking around!!! 

xxo, jenny 

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