December 07, 2013

bri's bed - take 2

This one's from the draft archives... wonder why I never posted it! 

Full size bed

Shopping List

Kreg Jig
1 1/2" wood Screws (I love Kreg screws)
4 - 2x2s @ 8 ft
5- 1x2s @ 8 ft (You really only need 4 but I'm a perpetual over-buyer and prefer to have an extra in case I make a mistake, plus they only cost like $3....)

Cut List

2 @ 67"  (or whatever total headboard height you decide)
2 @ 55.5"

2 @ 42"
3 @ 48.5"
3 @ 5"
4 @ 12"
2 @ 14"
3 @ 8.5"
2 @ 18"

First attach the 2x2 together using pocket holes to create a frame.

Then lay out the inside pieces on a flat level surface, positioning each  piece. You may want to label them to make it easier to place.

Using pocket hole attach the inner pieces flush with the front of the frame. 

p.s. I haven't built this, so I have no clue if the plans are correct, and I can't guarantee them! I'm human I make mistakes. Oh and I'm totally not a carpenter just a girl who likes math and design. Please let me know if you see any mistakes so I can correct them. 

p.p.s. If you build this, please share the finished results I'd love to see them. Also please credit me and link back to here if you decide to use this content in any form. Thanks!

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