March 08, 2011

free stuff! (aka a giveaway!)

My very first giveaway! YAY for free stuff! 

I'm super flattered that y'all like me enough to actually read my blog (or at least pretend like you read it by following)!
So in honor of all 70 amazing, fabulous, and super rad readers I'm giving you a chance to score a $25 gift card for HOMEGOODS!

It's no secret I love Homegoods.
In fact if I can't build it, or diy it, Homegoods is usually the first place I go!

So want to win, entry is simple... 

1. Follow me! YAY! 
2. Comment! 
3. Bonus, you can blog, or tweet for extra entries, just include a link in your additional comment!
4. Extra, extra bonus if I have 100 "followers" at the close of the giveaway I'll draw an additional person for another $25 gift card to Home Goods!  Wooo HOO!

Entry ends at 9am Tuesday March 15th!

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