December 15, 2010

diy colette bed

Oops, I did it again....

I built another bed.

I know what you must be thinking... I didn't even share my other bed with you, how rude. Well thats because I never finished it, I sure do a lot of that. Note to self: 2011 Goal, Finish what you start!

Before I built the Swedish Planked bed, I really wanted a upholstered headboard. I had planned on making one for the guest room but the guest room got turned into the Dressing Room so alas my upholstered dreams were crushed.

Until I made a silly mistake that would change everything (sounded a tad dramatic no?). I accidentally glued and screwed the base of the Swedish planked bed incorrectly. (Note: double check before gluing!) I basically had to start from scratch with the base of the bed.

At this point I said screw it and decided to build a Knock off version or the Crate and Barrel Collete bed. I was buying all new wood anyway right?

So here are the details

The instructions I used are from Effortless Style - an amazing blog for all things decor and diy! I made a few changes, most notably changing it to a King size!

This bed is solid, it's not going anywhere and I've done a fair amount of testing!

Here's a sneak peek of it almost done, still need to order the nail head trim and get the room finished!

Visit the new tutorial HERE
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